Industrial Refrigeration System Installation

Ensure proper industrial refrigeration system installation and a lasting, well-performing design with help from CW Refrigeration. We specialize in designing custom cold storage solutions for large warehouses. Our team has years of industry experience in HVAC and commercial refrigeration. We have a reputation as a trusted provider of durable, high-performance, eco-friendly industrial refrigeration systems in Central Washington and throughout the West Coast.

Custom Industrial Refrigeration Design and Engineering

Every cold storage solution we craft is unique. Our experienced cold storage system design professionals understand how your specific product requirements, warehouse location, and available space will impact your design and operational efficiency. We know how to adjust for airflow, moisture, off-gassing, seasonal inventory fluctuations, and other product-specific factors. We offer a wide range of custom industrial refrigeration system designs to meet your needs, including:

  • Flooded ammonia refrigeration systems
  • Pump recirculated refrigeration systems
  • Phillips recirculated refrigeration systems
  • Chilled brine and glycol refrigeration systems
  • Direct expansion refrigeration systems
  • Freon refrigeration systems

Our industrial refrigeration company in Central Washington has created cold storage systems for fruits, facilities for wineries, breweries, florists, delis, meat processing facilities, labs, pharmaceutical manufacturers, cosmetics producers, and more.

Cold Storage Installation

Commercial refrigeration system installation is a complicated process. Installation quality impacts safety, performance, lifespan, and accessibility for future maintenance and repair activities. CW Refrigeration’s industrial refrigeration installation experts use industry best practices, ensuring efficient power supply, adequate ventilation, and location away from heat sources to facilitate optimal performance. We not only ensure your system is serviceable, we’ll help you develop essential process safety management protocols. Our team is up to date on the latest industry standards and local codes, helping you avoid unnecessary fines, legal issues, and shutdowns.

Industrial Refrigeration System Maintenance

Safeguard efficiency and longevity with regular cold storage room maintenance, cleaning, and repair from CW Refrigeration. We offer comprehensive industrial refrigeration services. We can teach you how to properly maintain your commercial refrigeration system or handle it for you, keeping condenser coils and filters clean, verifying temperature settings and control system function, and making sure door seals are in good condition. Regular system checks at least twice a year, depending on usage and workload, ensure early detection of issues that could lead to operational problems or system failure.

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