Cold Storage System Installation

Could your business benefit from cold storage system installation? Cold room installation safeguards product quality and lifespan, offering versatile storage space for temperature-sensitive items. Custom cold storage solutions designed, installed, and maintained by CW Refrigeration provide energy-efficient performance and lasting use. We have experience serving a wide range of industries in Washington state and beyond.

Custom Cold Storage Construction

CW Refrigeration is the premier choice for some of the nation’s top food providers. Our knowledgeable, local union crew can design and quickly build cold storage to meet your needs, whether you require a large food warehouse or a small on-site addition. We can also upgrade your existing system for improved performance and efficiency, helping you reduce energy costs and preserve the environment with safe, environmentally responsible refrigeration. We provide custom cold storage solutions designed to your unique requirements, with experience in a wide range of industrial refrigeration system styles:

  • Flooded ammonia systems
  • Pump recirculated systems
  • Phillips recirculated systems
  • Chilled brine/glycol systems
  • Direct expansion systems
  • Freon systems

Cold Storage Solutions for Any Industry

CW Refrigeration’s industrial refrigeration installation and construction experts can create the ideal environment for storing any item, including:

  • Cold storage for fruits
  • Floral walk-in coolers
  • Meat processing and storage facility construction
  • Beer and wine fermentation and storage facilities
  • Temperature controlled storage for pharmaceuticals
  • Laboratory cold storage facilities
  • Cosmetics storage rooms
  • And more

Cold Storage Facilities Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance and lasting use after cold storage installation. Professional service by the CW Refrigeration team ensures product protection and reduces liability. You can count on our experienced team to identify common and hidden industrial refrigeration service issues that can impact temperature control, from air filter replacement and control system malfunctions to refrigeration system seal and insulation deficiencies.

Ensure Lasting Cold Storage System Use

When it’s time to install a cold storage system, trust the cold storage system installation and repair experts at CW Refrigeration. We serve customers in Central Washington and across the US. Contact us at 509-248-4600 for a quote on your upcoming cold storage construction project today.