Fruit Cold Storage Installation

CW Refrigeration designs, installs, and maintains cold storage systems for fruits in Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, and Northern California. Preserve fruit quality, extend shelf life, safeguard the food supply, and guard against product loss with our custom cold storage solutions. We’re a trusted provider of efficient, long-lasting, environmentally friendly industrial refrigeration systems for the nation’s top food providers. Our fruit cold storage installation and service experts have the industry experience to meet your unique food production and warehousing needs.

Custom Cold Rooms for Fruits

Solve storage issues impacting fruit quality and shelf life with help from our industrial refrigeration design and construction team to:

  • Ensure stable temperature and moisture levels
  • Regulate O2, CO, N2, ethylene, and other environmental factors
  • Manage storage fluctuations in peak and non-production seasons
  • Save energy and minimize maintenance


We know how to design commercial refrigeration systems for optimal performance, engineering custom solutions based on your multifaceted environmental control and fruit storage needs. Our local union crew can quickly construct even the largest fruit storage refrigeration systems. Whether you want to incorporate a small blast chiller, build a brand-new warehouse, or upgrade your existing setup, we can help.

Choose from Many Fruit Cold Storage System Styles

We specialize in high-performance ammonia cold atmospheric storage systems, which offer more affordable installation and efficient, environmentally friendly performance. We also offer pump and Phillips recirculated systems, chilled brine/glycol systems, direct expansion, and freon systems. Our industry experts can help you design cold storage for any fruit, from apples and grapes to tomatoes, hops, nuts, and seeds.

Fruit Cold Storage Tips to Extend Shelf Life

Each fruit product has unique requirements to consider when constructing fruit cold storage facilities. Apple and pear storage needs vary according to the chill sensitivity of each variety. Stone fruits like cherries, plums, and apricots require specific storage conditions to balance shelf life and reduce the likelihood of chilling injury. Grapes and berries are especially delicate, requiring rapid cooling and consistent temperature and humidity control from harvesting through storage and delivery to avoid spoilage. We understand these varied needs, ensuring your commercial fruit refrigeration system provides precise environmental controls to uphold freshness, taste, and nutritional value, reduce product loss, inhibit microorganism growth, and ensure food safety.

Avoid Product Loss with Cold Storage System Maintenance

We provide comprehensive service after cold storage system installation, including fruit cold storage maintenance and repair. Regular inspection and service by our detail-oriented technicians ensures optimal refrigeration system performance and lasting use, reducing the potential for product loss. Schedule routine system inspections, including seal, insulation, and control system checks and air filter replacement, or develop process safety and risk management programs with help from our industrial refrigeration industry experts.

Get a Quote on a Fruit Cold Storage System

When you need fruit cold storage installation in Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, or California, trust in the services of CW Refrigeration. Contact us at 509-248-4600 to discuss your industrial refrigeration project today.