Custom Cold Storage Refrigeration

Does your product or inventory require precise climate control? Safeguard quality and lifespan with custom cold storage installation from CW Refrigeration. We provide industrial refrigeration system design and construction across Washington State and the west coast. Our commercial and industrial refrigeration company can handle all your needs, from custom cold storage refrigeration system design and installation to maintenance, repair, and process safety management. Our industrial refrigeration experts take the time to understand your unique storage requirements, providing custom cold storage solutions that deliver energy-efficient performance and lasting use.

Custom Designed Industrial Refrigeration Systems

We custom-build low, medium, and multi-temperature storage systems for large commercial applications. Our industrial refrigeration design and construction team has a thorough understanding of complex refrigeration systems. We can create the perfect custom cold storage design for any industry or application, from fruit cold storage to pharmaceuticals. Every system we create is one-of-a-kind. Whether you’re opening a massive new warehouse, adding a small on-site addition, or renovating your existing facilities, our local union crew can handle your custom cold storage installation needs.

Custom Cold Storage Designs for Any Industry

We offer a variety of custom industrial refrigeration system styles, including:

  • Flooded ammonia
  • Pump recirculated
  • Phillips recirculated
  • Chilled brine/glycol
  • Direct expansion
  • Freon

We serve some of the nation’s top food providers. High-performing, environmentally friendly flooded ammonia systems are our specialty. We can incorporate custom doors, lighting, shelving, storage, blast freezers, and more to your unique requirements.

Industrial Refrigeration Service and Maintenance

CW Refrigeration provides complete cold storage project management. We can help you repair and maintain your system or train your staff on how to maintain your industrial refrigeration unit. Routine maintenance ensures optimal temperature control, safety, and lasting use, identifying issues before they cause system failure. We also offer process safety management protocol development services.

Get a Quote on Industrial Refrigeration Design and Construction

Reduce energy use and ensure lasting performance with custom cold storage refrigeration from CW Refrigeration. We serve customers in Central Washington and across the Western US. Contact us at 509-248-4600 for a quote on your upcoming cold storage construction project today.