Installation & Training

For quality and affordable installation and training you can rely on CWR. Our highly skilled, professional team is the best in the business with broad experience installing controlled atmospheric storage facilities for virtually any food product. We specialize in ammonia refrigeration systems and also have expertise installing a range of refrigeration systems including:

  • Flooded ammonia systems
  • Pump recirculated systems
  • Phillips recirculated systems
  • Chilled brine/Glycol systems
  • Direct expansion

Sales/Engineering Design

 Our experienced staff has the specialized background and experience needed to design refrigeration systems that meet your specific industry and business requirements. Our engineering and design services include:

  • Custom design services
  • Pipe fitting and instrumentation diagrams
  • Process safety management programs
  • Risk management analysis

Service/Parts Department

Our service and parts department is there when you need it 24 hours a day with highly trained service technicians. It's fully staffed during normal working hours and has technicians on-call for emergencies during off-hours, weekends and holidays. They will expertly handle service and repairs so your system is running optimally and any downtime is minimized.

We keep a large inventory of parts in stock from a variety of quality manufacturers. Valves, controls, gauges, pipes & fittings, pipe hangers, stock compressor, condenser and evaporator parts - we have it all at competitive prices. And we back it up with a knowledgeable team ready to help you with all your parts needs.


Keeping your refrigeration systems running smoothly is essential for your operations. Our professional refrigeration technicians can provide ongoing preventative maintenance and support to ensure your refrigeration systems are operating at maximum efficiency and reliability.

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